Wajid Wajid Khan artist photos HD Images

Wajid Khan artist photos HD Images

Journey of Wajid Khan as an artist :  World’s famous artist

Most of the kids love to make paper boats and play with them in rain water but Wajid Khan has a much bigger dream from childhood only. At the age of 14 Years only, he makes an invention of the world’s smallest electric iron that has been also recorded in the guiness book of world records. Now he is 34 years old, at present holding the patent right of nail art painting. The most decisive point of Wajid Khan’s life came when his mother gave him Rs 1300 and she asked him to leave home to pursue his dreams. Luck and God both supported him, got a chance to work with NIF Institute of Ahmedabad after some time.
 In 1998, Wajid picked up a thermacol and eventually started experimenting with iron nails and came to Indore. In 2004, hoping to learn more and experiment with nails. Bullet is a symbol of violence and keeping in mind about teachings of Gandhi decided to make portraits of Gandhi making use of bullets. Mahatma Gandhi portrait was his unique art hard to see anywhere else.
 In 2005, finally he finished the iron nail portrait of Mahatma Gandhi. In the same year Wajid also produces world First 3D art painting making use of acrylic colors on canvas. First art painting sold at Rs 20 Lakh in 2010.  The part of Wajid’s creativity is that has never limited himself to iron nails but also made an exceptional portrait art from discarded medical equipment, black quarry stones and auto parts.  
Now, Wajid Khan, the world famous sculpture artist, is at the point of his life that has to apply patents for 140 art works and inventions. On March, 2015, Wajid Khan was being invited to address students at IIM Indore on ‘Innovation in Management’.  He gain masters in Sculpture art, creative art, amazing art and Unique art which is famous all over the world. Apart from Guinness Book of World record, name was also in Limca book of records, Asia Book of World records and Golden book of records.

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