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“Iron Nail Artist” - Wajid Khan

Wajid Khan’s Art

An artist is the one who has the visionary mind of representing extraordinary things from ordinary materials. Wijid Khan is no exception, he has been credited with more than five awards and presented Indian art on the world platform. His awards include World Record Book, Guinness Book of World Record, Golden Book of World Record, Limca Book World Record, India Book of World Record and Asia Book of World Record. The list does not end here; he has also been honoured to get awarded for three times by the late President,
Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. Born and bought up in a small sonagiri area of Mandsaur district of Madhya Pradesh becomes famous artist a very early age of 14 by inventing world’s smallest electric iron.

Wajid Khan’s one of the most Amazing Art work includes “Nail Art” which got its recognition in the year 2005 after his dedicated and committed effort of three years. Recognising his unique art of Carving Canvas with the use of nails, Wajid Khan’s art made an iron nail portrait of Mahatma Gandhi and for that his name was found in the list of Limca Book of Records. Wajid Khan’s art acquired a patent for his creative art (Nail Art). Wajid Khan’s   became world famous artist after getting recognition for his excellent works. The famous art of iron nail 

Through Wajid Khan’s art artistic nail art and amazing sculpture, he has pleased art lovers. Wajid Khan has been tailored to showcase his imagination in the form of a unique Sculpture art for the 2022 FIFA World Cup which will be held in Qatar.

Wajid Khan’s art is not only a top Indian artist but equally famous artist outside India also. Wajid Khan’s art has got fame in the art world everywhere. The admirers of Wajid Khan’s art Amazing art left mesmerized by seeing his art. Apart from all these, his magical unique art is also being displayed in exhibitions from Mumbai to Dubai and London. Wajid Khan’s art is a Dubai artist too.

Wajid Khan’s art famous art work includes:
·         Art with Nail
·         Automobile parts Sculpture
·         Art with medical equipments

·         Stone portrait
·         Bullet Art work
·         3D portraits

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Wajid Khan’s art

Wajid Khan’s art